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Chili day at Droolin' Devil HQ

One thing the Droolin' Devil crew loves is chilli. It's something that everyone agrees on.
We usually have fresh baked soft buns (dill pickles are a must for me), maybe some carrot sticks or celery sticks to get that veg requirement met for the meal. 
Some of the crew are still junior chileheads, so we have to be conscious of their sensitive palette and tastebuds, and we try to make sure it's a mildly spicy chili, not too hot, but just right. For the heat seekers, we can always kick it up with El Diablo, Liquid Sin, or God forbid, Brimstone.
Besides the ground beef, onions, bell peppers and beans, we highly recommend using one of our greatest creations, Droolin' Devil Chipotle Hot Sauce. It kind of fills in the gaps as far as flavour goes. By adding it, you're getting a hint of many ingredients which can round out many a dish, without much effort on the cooks part. 

There is a story to this sauce, and it just shows that necessity isn't always the mother of invention, sometimes you just want to, because its going to taste good.
We were having dinner one evening, which included taco chips and our since retired Chipotle Salsa. That salsa was sweet, smoky with a hint of heat on the finish. It was suggested by Lorien (the Droolin' Devil President), that we should turn it into a hot sauce. For some reason the idea had never crossed our minds before that moment. I said, there's always a need for that flavour profile in the fridge, let's do this!  As it is spoken, so shall it be and from that idea, the Chipotle sauce was born. We did some trial and error, added a bit of this, took away a bit of that, and later that year, we won a Golden Chile Award for it in the Hot Sauce - Pepper Specific category. 
Obviously we were doing something right.
You never know when an idea will hit you, you won't know what will inspire that idea, and you won't know if it's a good idea or a bad idea until you give it a try.
As far as most things in life are concerned, that's not a bad way to see them. 
Stay spicy my friends....

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