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Droolin' Devil Private Label Program

Yes, that's right a hot sauce with your name on it, lovingly created by us for you.
By using Droolin' Devil's Private Label program, you can give a hot sauce to your friends and family, co-workers, or whomever you choose!! Everytime they open the fridge for that perfect condiment for their meal, they'll think of you.

As well, you can use our Private Label Program to enhance your business by creating a table sauce sporting your company logo so every time people want a "hot sauce" for their entree, you can give them your "house brand".

Prices start at just $4.00 (or less) per bottle depending on which sauce you choose (which includes a personalized label of your choosing) with a minimum order of 60 bottles per batch.

This program can be used in conjunction with our Fundraiser Program and you can personalize your bottles with your organization, sports team, church group, our scout organization's logo. It's a winning combination to help raise money for your cause.

Here are just a few of our previous private label customers:

BMI Medical
Label Design: Uncle Big

Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay Team "We Are Devo"
Label Design: Uncle Big

SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival
Label design: Jacqueline Germin

Jump Me Martha Sassy Chipotle Sauce
Label Design: Kent Kirychuk

Your choices include: Garlic Chili, Chipotle, & Gourmet Habanero, or you can choose from our two Red Savina super hot sauces for that extra taste of fire. How can you beat that?? Contact us for more information.


Droolin' Devil has created a Fund Raising Program for your local organization, sports team, church, school or Boy or Girl Scout group!!

Here's how it works:

1. Droolin' Devil provides each group with the necessary brochures and order forms to distribute to potential customers. We suggest giving the individuals who will solicit the fund raising a 2 to 3 week period to gather orders and the money for the product.

2. Droolin' Devil FIne Foods will agree to aid in an incentive program to encourage participation. (Example: a prize for the group/individual that sells the most)

3. Your organization will present Droolin' Devil Fine Foods with all order forms and the money collected for those orders.

4. Droolin' Devil will fulfill the orders within 2 weeks from the time they are placed.(** Please allow for an extra week during the holiday season)

5. Droolin' Devil will make the product available for pickup at our retail store, or we can deliver the product to a place as agreed upon by both parties.

6. Your organization will manage the distribution of the product to the individuals who originally took the orders for the product.

7. Those individuals will be responsible for delivering the product to the people who placed orders.

It's that simple. We provide the product, you provide the legwork and there is no up front costs for you. Your group doesn't pay a cent until the orders are collected.

Your group or organization will earn 30% of the original fund raising sales price.

Contact us today for more details on Droolin' Devil's Fund Raising Program!